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Welcome to Darkest Hollow and Light Mountain!
Deleted: Oh yeah for Ghost's bio it shows Kendall's mom as hers but she never meets kendall Jul 31, 2018 0:31:38 GMT *
Razza: Hello loves! Lovely site you guys have here... I am unsure if I can join at the moment because of how many other packs I am juggling, but hopefully I'll be able to hop in in the future. ^^ I hope you're all doing well. Jul 31, 2018 2:14:53 GMT
Faust: Hello Razza! I'm glad you like our site! It would be nice to see some more members, it'd be great if you joined even if it was later on! Jul 31, 2018 2:39:05 GMT
Faust: I posted for the RP and put up Ko's bio! Jul 31, 2018 4:34:09 GMT
Quartz: Lovely for you to have popped by, Raz! We're happy to see you have some interest in us. ^^ Jul 31, 2018 5:38:16 GMT
Deleted: Replied to Faust and HI RAZZA Jul 31, 2018 16:23:31 GMT
Icea: Hey Razza ^^ Its nice that you have some interest. I'll be happy to see you if you do join ^^ Jul 31, 2018 17:59:06 GMT
Deleted: Replied Icea Jul 31, 2018 18:19:27 GMT
Faust: I'll post in a little bit I got a couple things to do first Aug 1, 2018 19:43:52 GMT
Faust: I once again just lost an entire post due to this stupid phone, I'll post later.... Aug 2, 2018 0:20:09 GMT
Quartz: That's the worst Aug 2, 2018 1:15:04 GMT
Quartz: I really want to join in he rp but LM's been strugglin a little with members Aug 3, 2018 18:04:19 GMT
Faust: Well, we're kinda movin' to FV Aug 4, 2018 1:44:33 GMT
Faust: Hopefully we can get some more members that way Aug 4, 2018 1:44:57 GMT
Deleted: PFFT Aug 5, 2018 17:41:00 GMT
Faust: ?? Aug 7, 2018 16:05:07 GMT
Drop: Heyo, nice little pack. :) Sept 8, 2018 6:08:58 GMT
Faust: Thank you! This site is currently inactive as our roleplay moved to another site, but you can find it here! http//:fire Sept 13, 2018 2:07:17 GMT
Deleted: oh god memories :( Jan 14, 2019 20:45:30 GMT
Deleted: I'm deleting my account here RIP Mar 4, 2019 18:54:15 GMT
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